When is Multitasking Bad?

Multitasking to me seems like a logical way to be more efficient with my time. As a former electrical engineer, logic and efficiency make sense to me (and hence why my writing skills are a little lacking LOL).

But when does multitasking become a bad decision? I have some warning signs that may indicate that you’re multitasking a little too much…

…when your breakfast is burning on the stove, you know its time to turn off the computer “Uh oh!”

…when you’re talking on your cell phone while driving, you should definitely reconsider. That was me in the van you just cut off!

…when your conversation with your best friend becomes “Oh…Uh huh…OK…” you know its time to stop typing your emails and focus in on what she’s saying. I know you know what I’m talking about!

So how about it? Need to get some multitasking guilt off your chest? Share your stories and we’ll work together to be better Multitasking Mommas (and Poppas and Sistas).

About Lisa - the Multitasking Momma

As a Personal Publishing Consultant with Heritage Makers, it is my privilege to inspire people to be intentional with their photos and stories by creating photo books, canvas art and other projects. I have partnered with Heritage Makers as I believe they can help you strengthen family relationships, build character and grow personally and professionally.
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