Difference Between Good and Great

Today, customers have myriad options to purchase products.  Often, the deciding factor in making a purchase is the level of service the customer receives. As a direct seller, you have the opportunity to provide customers with consistent, individualized attention – something they don’t receive when shopping in a store or online. By going the extra mile and providing exceptional customer service, you’ll garner repeat business, referrals for new customers, bookings with new groups of customers, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing a great job.

What does good service really mean? It means giving your customer your personal attention, making her feel as though she is your only customer, and delivering more than she expects.  In short, good customer service means making a friend of your customer and letting her know that you have her best interests at heart.

The difference between good service and excellent service is the amount of initiative to take.  It is your willingness and ability to provide your customer with something that she appreciates and doesn’t expect. Customers love those little extras.

For example, enclose a motivational quote in a personal note to let her know you were thinking of her.

An excerpt from More Build It Big, Go the Extra Mile by Grace Keohohou on page 17


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Let’s Talk Taxes

Did you know that it is better to be self employed as you can have more tax deductions than employees can?  You are able to write off a portion of your utilities, mortgage interest, home maintenance, home insurance, property taxes and vehicle expenses which regular employees cannot do.

So what if you technically have a home business because you are a consultant with a desk at home, but you’re really just purchasing from a direct sales company at a discount for yourself?  Does that still qualify for tax deductions?

The Code of Conduct

  1. Run your business like a business
  2. Document your activities correctly
  3. Pursue a profit

If your hobby business follows these guidelines, then there won’t be any worries come tax time.

So if having a home business makes so much financial sense when tax time comes, why do most people not bother to have one?  If people really understood the tremendous tax savings, I think more people would be intentional and find a direct selling or network marketing company with products they like and use and could recommend to friends and family.  Taking advantage of the tax savings takes a little effort, but it is well worth it!

Why do people overpay taxes?

  1. They find it too time consuming
  2. They procrastinate and leave it all to the last minute, then feel overwhelmed
  3. They have either lost or faded receipts
  4. They don’t know the rules.

There are many great resources to help you with your taxes and lots of easy-to-use tax programs too. I’d love to hear what you use and find helpful. Leave me a message at facebook.com/publishedstorybooks


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September Photo Challenge: Day Nine

Today’s photo challenge “something from a distance” made me remember an experience not long ago that happened while we were driving home.  Here’s the photo:


Now you probably don’t have a clue as to what you’re looking at in this field on the side of a highway.  I’ll zoom in so you can catch a glimpse of the moose jumping over the fence! He was big!


It’s amazing the things that are happening all around us that we may not see if we’re not being intentional about noticing people, places and events.

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September Photo Challenge: Day Eight

It’s amazing the beautiful things you notice when you get up close and really see something in a new and different way. I’m thankful for noticing a sweet cluster of flowers while my children were making sweet music during piano lessons!


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September Photo Challenge: Day Seven

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to bananas.  Do you like yours green and crunchy, freshly yellow and firm, or spotted and soft?  I’m one of those soft and sweet types, hope my photo challenge picture of a “fruit or vegetable” doesn’t cause you nightmares.  It’s almost ready for eating! :)


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September Photo Challenge: Day Six

The world is a more awe-filled place when seen from ground level.  Makes you remember the beauty and mysteriousness of how it all works amidst the busyness and struggles of the day-to-day.  I’ll let the photo speak for itself.  It’s taken with an iPhone so don’t expect miracles, but still enjoy the miraculous.

September Photo Challenge Day 6

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September Photo Challenge: Day Five

Being able to change your perspective is a gift – to yourself and to others.  Looking at life from another person’s point of view can make a tremendous difference in how we react to that person and to situations that arise.  Getting down on the same level as our little peeps helps us remember that the world seems so much bigger to them.  Being up high helps us see more than our own limited field of view.  Today’s photo challenge was “a high angle” and I chose to capture my sweet preschooler in all her artistic glory.  I love how you can see her art piece plus her facial expressions as she creates.

September Photo Challenge Day Five

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September Photo Challenge: Day Four

People watching is an interesting pastime.  Especially when it involves a group of moms and 4-year-olds on the first day of preschool.  Do we let our child explore independently and risk inappropriate behaviour, do we engage them at every activity? Who do you think is more nervous about that day, the child or the parent?

September Photo Challenge Day Four

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September Photo Challenge: Day Three

Although the challenge for today was “weather” I think a pondering about climate would be better suited.  For the climate at my house was remarkably different today than it has been for about 2 months.  The cause?  Not global warming.  Instead, today was the first day my kids were back to school.  It’s amazing the things I was able to accomplish around the house with only one home instead of three! I can see my counters again!  I was able to make phone calls in the daytime! I feel like I achieved so much!  And so although the weather outside was cloudy, it ended with a fabulous sunset and much contentment from this multitasking momma.

September Photo Challenge: Day Three

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September Photo Challenge: Day Two

It’s only Day Two of the Photo Challenge and I nearly forgot! Today asked for “what you wore today” and I decided to take that literally.  Here are the clothes, sans moi!  My favourite comfy jeans and T-shirt with flour stains from baking chocolate chip cookies this afternoon for my kiddos in preparation for that don’t-ever-forget-the-after-school-snack time that starts again tomorrow!

Photo Challenge Day Two

As I was typing this post, I suddenly found it interesting that my mind immediately jumped to “clothes” for the Challenge, when it could have been more creative by thinking “accessories” or “makeup”.  I will strive to be more unusual!

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